Hello, I'm Baxter - the Chief Tasting Officer (CTO) of Baxter Bailey & Company. 
My brother, Bailey, and I are the inspiration for our family business. 
We live in Nashville, Tennessee the home of country music and southern hospitality.
I was born on April 19, 2009 along with several brothers and sisters.  We were an unexpected surprise
to our parents.  I am half Basset Hound and half Corgi, but really, I am one-of-a-kind.  My siblings
and I were placed in a rescue shelter where we patiently waited for someone
to choose us from the group of puppies.
As destiny had planned, on July 26, 2009, I found my new family.  I was so glad to finally share
all the love bottled up inside me.  I am a bundle of constant happiness and my tail hasn't
stopped wagging since the day my adoption papers were signed and I got to go home.
I have always been a treat enthusiast and my family made sure mine were homemade,
healthy and delicious.  I was so excited about my tasty bites of gourmet goodness
that I began sharing them with all my friends.  This inspired us to create
Baxter Bites Gourmet Treats so I could share my love of treats with dogs everywhere.
My life has turned out great and every day holds new adventures -
I wish the same happiness for every dog out there. 
May we be uplifted by our blessings and remain humbled by our beginnings.