We believe that every dog should experience gourmet treats
that are healthy, delicious and artfully crafted.
We believe that every dog deserves clothing made from sophisticated fabric
that demonstrates their personality while still remaining tasteful.
We believe that every dog enjoys personal home items
reflective of their distinct surroundings.

We believe every dog should be loved
and allowed to return the favor.

At Baxter Bailey & Company, our mission is to provide luxury lifestyle products
for all dogs and their families.  Our mix of upscale products and casual living
attitude come together to create a sophisticated brand that every dog can enjoy.
Our products are created to cater to all dogs-small and large, tall and short,
pedigree and mutt-no one is left out.
We are proud that our products are made in the U.S.A.
We hope you enjoy your Baxter Bailey & Company experience
and allow us the privilege of having you as a customer.